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Children of the Street Program - Taking Care of Ourselves, Taking Care of Others Workshops

Grant Program: Community Grant

Funds: Howard Martin Fund, Ernie & Audrey Kershaw Fund, Carpenter Fund

Grant Recipient: PLEA Community Services

Program Goal: Children of the Street is dedicated to preventing the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children and youth in British Columbia through education strategies, public awareness initiatives, and family support. 

Taking Care of Ourselves, Taking Care of Others (TCO²) is an interactive workshop providing children and youth with the tools to keep themselves and their friends safe from sexual exploitation.


“Funding from your Foundation helped us give children and youth living in your community the information and practical tools needed to learn how to keep themselves, and their peers, safe from all forms of sexual exploitation.

Again this year, the West Vancouver School District asked us to present our workshops to all elementary school students.  In total, we provided 37 workshops in your community. (1,300 children and youth living in West Vancouver were reached.)

This past school year, the number of children and youth coming forward with disclosures increased by almost 20%, the prior year our disclosure rates increased by more than 271%!  While this is concerning to most people, it’s important to note, when we receive a disclosure we always make sure they young person receives the support they need to move forward with their lives. 

“I liked everything.  From top to bottom.  I like how they did a skit for one of the examples.  They’re very detailed and they gave a lot of examples to us.” quote from a 12-year old female workshop participant.

We wish to thank you again for standing with us to help keep kids in your community safe from all forms of sexual exploitation. 


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