Transformation Grants

West Vancouver Foundation supports charitable organizations working to create and sustain a healthy and vibrant West Vancouver, where everyone is valued, contributes and feels they belong.

The Transformation Grant supports community initiatives that focus on systems-level change and transformation for current and emerging issues for the benefit of the North Shore community.

The program is open now until June 7, 2024.


Big, complex problems cannot be solved by any one improvement or any one organization acting alone. These problems, sometimes called “wicked problems”, typically have numerous causes and lack clear solutions. They involve multiple stakeholders and ultimately require lots of people and organizations to shift their mindset and behavior. Examples include; climate change, poverty, mental health and wellness. Principles for action can include collective solutions, developing learning cultures and alternatives to top-down leadership.

2022 Transformation Grant Recipient

Family Services of the North Shore 

the Proud2Be program is aimed at creating a more inclusive and healthy environment for youth in our community through engagement with youth, parents, services providers and the broader community through 3 primary types of activities:
1. Be Yourself Youth Support Group for LGBTQ2S+ youth / Social Activities with West Vancouver Youth Staff
2. Proud2BE Parent Support Group for parents of gender diverse youth – weekly (virtual)
3. Proud2BE Education Event Series: Four events annually for LGBTQ2S+ children and youth, parents of gender diverse children and youth, and professionals across BC.

Funded by the Howard Martin Memorial Fund and an anonymous donor. 

2021 Transformation Grant Recipients

North Shore Community Resources

The InterGen North Shore program focus is increasing the awareness of, opportunities for and participation in intergenerational programming. The COVID pandemic has isolated us all for over year. But even before the pandemic, people of different age cohorts were often siloed. Emerging research demonstrates the incredible benefits of greater intergenerational interaction, for all ages. This project will cultivate greater community engagement in intergenerational programming and activities with the goal of creating a truly intergenerational community on the North Shore.  

Funded from the Ian & Rosemary Mottershead Fund and the Howard Martin Memorial Fund.


Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC

The (re)Imagining Suicide Intervention program will engage stakeholders to identify how legislation, policies, procedures and assumptions keep the system stuck in a pattern of traumatizing individuals in crisis. Stakeholders: callers and individuals with historic mistrust of police and mental health, ECOMM, police, BC Ambulance, ER services and hospitals, and mental health service providers, including West Vancouver and North Shore stakeholders and Indigenous communities. It’s a systems change approach by disrupting the ways that systems work in the mental health care model and suicide response.

Funded from the Howard Martin Memorial Fund.