Thriving Non Profits

The 2021 THRIVING NON PROFITS Program North Shore wrapped up on July 28th with wonderful presentations by the participants on their Financial Diversification Plans.
The Thriving Non Profits Program helps organizations build a diversified financial model and entrepreneurial revenue streams. Through online sessions, one-on-one coaching, coaching pods and homework, this cohort program helps non profits develop the strength of the impact and civil society sector, shifting financially challenged organizations to financially powerful agents of change. Organizations will learn about implementing strategies to build financially diversified and resilient organizations. To find out more:

This was a pilot program that saw West Vancouver Foundation bring the program to the North Shore, with participants located in Lillooet to the Downtown Eastside.  If your organization is interested in diversifying your financial model and attending a future program, please contact us as


The 2021 Thriving Non Profits was a 3-month cohort program, delivered online. Three participants (Board member, Executive Director and staff) are recommended to attend modules and receive organizational-specific coaching. The program involved 10 modules delivered during six workshop sessions as well as 10 hours of pod-coaching support. Each module integrates the real-life experience of organizational leaders who understand the complexities of social purpose organizations. See the modules overview here. 

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Looking for more information on the program? Watch the Info Session and Teaser Videos.