In Memory


Your friends and family want to say goodbye and honour your memory. What better way than to set up a Memorial Fund that is aligned to your wishes and passions? It also makes it easier for your family and friends to celebrate you.

Typically, Memorial Funds are established by donors as part of their estate planning. In this case all or part of the donor’s estate is left as a bequest to a named, charitable fund at the Foundation. The fund becomes a vehicle for accomplishing the donor’s charitable wishes after they pass. Other times, friends and family may wish to honour the memory of a loved one by establishing a fund in their name. We can help you to set up either, easily and simply.

  • To make a bequest, include the West Vancouver Found­ation in your will. We can help you or your lawyer with sample text for this purpose. Every bequest is eligible for a tax credit for estate tax purposes.
  • To make a gift of life insurance to the Foundation, you can either simply name it as beneficiary or make the Foundation the owner and irrevocable beneficiary of the policy.