Find out more about some of the impact the collective generosity of our donors has made in the community, on this page. See the list of all grants made to date here.  To apply for a grant, find out more here. To donate, establish a memorial fund or start your own donor advised fund, visit this page


The North Shore COVID-19 Response Grant program was rapidly created to respond to the increasing needs of many local charities that serve vulnerable residents, affected by the pandemic.  The needs keep growing for this grant program and more donations are still needed. To donate to this fund, go to North Shore COVID-19 Response Fund.

The Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grant program is now open. This program has been revised to include more virtual events (limited physical gatherings), with the goal of building community and resiliency. Read more>>

The 2021 Community Grant program will fund 44 North Shore initiatives this year. The recipient list can be found here

Spring 2021, the Foundation will bring the Thriving Non Profits program to charities on the North Shore. Thriving Non Profits helps organizations build a diversified financial model and entrepreneurial revenue streams. 


Belonging. It is what we all strive for-it makes us stronger and more kind as individuals and as a community.

The West Vancouver Foundation is committed to actively encouraging a stronger sense of belonging across and between cultural groups in our community. Many of our grant recipients have included inter-cultural events. Sharing in and understanding each other’s cultural celebrations is an exciting way to establish new friendships, new insights, and be part of the collective “we” in West Vancouver.

Visit the North Shore Multicultural Society’s website for many upcoming workshops