Fund Representative Online Portal

Welcome to the Fund Representative Portal!

As part of our ongoing mission to leverage the generosity, talent and commitment of our residents to build a stronger, more caring and inclusive community, this system provides more timely access to important information about your fund.  This quick-reference guide will introduce you to the basics of the new Fund Representative Portal.  

Please note, if you are looking for the grant portal, you can go to that system here>>

Fund Representative Reference Guide
As a Fund Representative, you will be a sent an email to setup your password. After you have established your password you can come to this page and click on the Login button.

Access the portal anytime.  The information you will find is:

  • Main Screen -Provides an at-a-glance list of Recent Contributions received into the fund and Recent Grants paid out of the Fund. You will also see the Current Balance, updated in real-time.
  • Donations Tab – Shows all contributions or donations to the fund.
  • Grants Tab – Shows the history of grants made from the fund.
  • Statements – Will show fund statements for the fund including income and administrative fees. If you want to print this, click ‘Print’ which will bring up the statement on your screen.  You can then download or print. 
  • Files Tab – Will have any relevant files that may be of interest to you.
  • Donate – This tab brings you to a list of our other 100+ funds, where you are able to donate if you choose.
  • Invoices – This tab will show donations made in past years, made on the Canada Helps portal. 
  • Logout – Will log you out of the portal.
  • Export – When you click on ‘Export’ it will download the tab you are on as a CSV file. 
  •  Password Issues – If you don’t remember your password, please select the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the login screen.  
  •  Activation Email – If you didn’t receive your activation email please check your spam/junk folder.  If you don’t have it there, please contact us at 
  • Donations Missing – Donations made in past years, via Canada Helps, will appear on the Invoices tab.  All others will be on the Donations tab. 
  • Mobile Login – The login button on a mobile device is at the bottom of the home screen, the top of the footer. 
  • Recent Statement – Once statements are finalized, and the Finance Committee approves them, they will be accessible on the portal.  Please note that this can take 6-8 weeks.
Looking for more help? Contact our office and we’ll be happy to help you navigate this new system. or 604-925-8153.
Have questions about your statement or other financial inquiry? Contact our Director Finance & Fund Administration at

Fund Rep Login Tutorial

Watch our Fund Rep Login tutorial video to find out how to navigate our portal.