Board & Committees

The West Vancouver Foundation works with highly qualified expert leaders and advisors with a broad range of knowledge and experience. They generously volunteer their time, leadership and financial expertise on our Board of Directors and our committees. Their knowledge and dedication helps shape our work and ensures we remain connected to the community we serve.

board members

Grants Committee members

Justin Yoo

Justin Yoo, Chair


Nancy Farran

Yang Wang

Yang Wang

The volunteer grants committee is comprised of members from the community.  The committee oversees the Community Grants and Give Where You Live Grant programs. 


Hoon Choi

Melina Tai

Carmen Ryujin

Honorary Governors' Council

Honorary Governors are appointed by the Board in recognition of their exceptional role in the support of the community and they serve as ambassadors and advocates for the Foundation. The Mayor of West Vancouver is always an Honorary Member of the Governors Council.

  • Nancy Farran (Chair)
  • Tom Baillie
  • Merla Beckerman
  • Mary-Ann Booth
  • Moh Faris
  • Pamela Goldsmith-Jones
  • Gerry Humphries
  • Mark Sager, Mayor
  • Jo-Ann Wood
  • Ron Wood


The primary roles of the CEO & Board Development Committee is to attract and grow leadership, both at the CEO and the Board levels.

  • Paul Robillard (Chair)
  • Naomi Denning
  • Gord Holley
  • Rob Gloor (CEO)

The purpose of the Finance & Audit Committee is to provide financial oversight for the organization including budgeting and financial planning, reporting and internal controls and accountability policies.  

  • John Parker (Chair)
  • Naomi Denning
  • Gordon Holley
  • Alexandra Pearson (Staff)

The purpose of the Governance Committee is to ensure that the Board fulfills its legal, ethical and functional responsibilities. Key responsibilities also include the recruiting and nominating Board directors, evaluating the performance of the board.

  • Carolyn Coleclough (Chair)
  • Naomi Denning
  • Gord Holley
  • Zahra Jenab
  • Paul Robillard
  • Rob Gloor (CEO)

The purpose of the Grants Committee is to adjudicate the grants applications that are submitted to the West Vancouver Foundation for funding, ensuring that the generosity of donors is directed to the causes that inspire them and to the issues that matter most on North Shore.

  • Justin Yoo (Chair)
  • Hoon Choi
  • Nancy Farran
  • Carmen Ryujin
  • Melina Tai
  • Yang Wang
  • Denise Howell (Staff)

The role of the Investment Stewardship Committee is one of strategic direction and oversight of the WVF investments.  The Investment Manager is responsible for the operational implementation and execution of the Statement of Investment Policy & Guidelines, which is developed by this Committee and approved annually by the Board.

  • Jonathan Stewart (Chair)
  • Naomi Denning
  • Dave Mason
  • Alison Parry
  • Stephen Wilson
  • Rob Gloor (Staff)
  • Merla Beckerman (Chair)
  • Louise Adams
  • Lori Cameron
  • Kim Campbell
  • Judy Duncan
  • Lorna Duncan
  • Kelly Richter
  • Rebecca Johnson (Staff)

The purpose of the YPC is to improve the quality of life for youth on the North Shore through granting, by encouraging community philanthropy to address changing needs.

  • Priyanka Chopra, Grade 12, WVSS
  • Zoe Da Roza, Grade 12, WVSS
  • Isabella Pejman, Grade 12, Collingwood
  • Christina Zhang, Grade 12, Sentinel
  • Alexa Hartvikson, Grade 12, WVSS
  • Frank Lu, Grade 11, Mulgrave
  • Ella Thompson, Grade 12, Collingwood
  • Naomi Denning (Board Liaison)
  • Justin Yoo (Board Liaison)
  • Christine McDonald (Staff)

The purpose of the Vital Signs Advisory Group is to provide guidance on the 2021 Vital Signs report from a community perspective.

  • Stephanie Hall (West Vancouver Library)
  • Sue Ketler (District of West Vancouver)
  • Reverend Simon LeSieur (West Vancouver United Church)
  • Chief Constable John Lo (West Vancouver Police)
  • Wendy McCulloch (Impact North Shore)
  • Charlotte McLaughlin (West Vancouver Citizen Working Group Volunteer)
  • Barbara McMillan (Research Advisor)
  • Murray Mollard (North Shore Community Resources)
  • Mustel Research (2022 Community Research Partner)

Past board members

Since the Foundation was formed in 1979, many wonderful community leaders have served on the Board of Directors. 

Peter Ackhurst, Director

Kassem Aghtai, Director

Tom Allison, Director

Robert Annable, Director

Tom Baillie, Chair

Mark Ballard, Director

Merla Beckerman, Director (Honorary Governor)

Robert Bentall, Director

Peter Bogardus, Director

Patricia Boname, Mayor (Honourary Director)

Helen Boultbee, Director

Jim Boyd, Director

Barbara Brink, Director

Brooke Campbell, Director

James Cameron, Chair

Craig Cantlie, Director

Jim Carphin, Director

Colleen Cattell, Director

Naomi Chard, Director

Malcom Clay, Director

Stuart Clyne, Director

James Dixon, Director

Margie Driscoll, Director

Keith Duncan, Director, Chair

Mohammed Faris, (Honorary Director)

Nancy Farran, Director, Chair

Nassreen Filsoof, Director

Peter Finch, Director

Margaret Forsyth, Director

Donald Gardiner, Chair

Robert Gayton, Director

Marjorie Gibson, Director

Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Mayor (Honorary Director)

Brayden Gordon, Director

James Green, Director

Catherine Greyell, Director

Frank Griffiths, Jr., Founding Director

Ann Hamilton, Director

Bill Harvey, Director

Byron Hender, Chair

Gordon Holley, Director

Charles  Hopkins, Founding Director & Chair

Gerry Humphries, Chair

Derrick Humphreys, Mayor & Founding Chair

Bill Hyndman, Founding Director

Stephen Hynes, Director

Patricia Jarvis, Director

Geoff Jopson, Director, Chair

Don Lanskail, Mayor

Ray Leeden, Director

Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia, Director

Chris Loat, Secretary

Carol Ludvigsen, Director

Claire Lynch

Barbara MacDougall, Director

Kristin MacMillan, Director

David Mathieson, Founding Director

Cowan McKinney, Director, Chair

Stuart McLaughlin, Director

Philip Mcleod, Treasurer

Barbara McMillan, Director

Dave Mason, Director

Kay Meek, Founding Director

Bruce Milley, Chair

Sara Mohamadkhani, Director

Ed Moul, Director

Coleen Nemtin, Director

Liisa Ohara, Director

Jennifer Orum, Director

Robert Paterson, Treasurer

Fanny Patterson, Director

Mary Pattison, Founding Director

Keith Pelletier, Director

Les Peterson, Director

Tim Porteous, Director

Richard Rees, Director

Ken Rekrutiak, Director

Martin Roberts, Director

Frank Robertson, Director

Gordon Rowntree, Founding Director

Ron Royston, Director

Mark Sager, Mayor (Honorary Director)

Shirley Sager, Founding Director

Don Saunders, Director

Azad Shamji, Director

Pat Shannon, Director

Michael Smith, Mayor (Honorary Director)

Audrey Sojonky, Director

Peter Speck, Director

Ann Sturrock, Director

Judy Summers (Okazaki), Director

Gary Sutherland, Director

Doug Taylor, Director

Rob Travers, Director

Peter Van Drimmelen, Director

Richard van Liempt, Director

Helen Vanee, Chair

Jo-Ann Wood, Chair

Ron Wood, Mayor (Honorary Director)


Thank you to all past Board Members for your time served at the Foundation.