InterGen North Shore


The InterGenNS Project was initiated in the fall of 2019 when a community table of organizations from the North Shore was established with the objective of increasing intergenerational opportunities, resources and collated information to help the community to connect to events and programs on the North Shore.

This transformation grant resulted in the following outcomes and accomplishments:

1. InterGenNS hired a coordinator, to work from North Shore Community Resources, for the pilot phase of this project from January-June 2022 

2. A website was developed for InterGenNS 

3. An Intergenerational Program Directory of North Shore opportunities was developed and can be found on the website.

4. A Resource Hub to support organizations with Intergenerational programming was developed (on the website above)

5. First issue of the InterGenNS Community Connector Newsletter was released on June 1, 2022 for Intergenerational Day

6. Best practice worldwide Intergenerational opportunities were collated for ideas.

Over 5000 people engaged with the program so far. The primary reach of this phase of the InterGenNS project came through outreach to the community through our 30+ partnering organizations, community presentations, directory and website information. With the Directory and Resource Hub Development we can now assist the public to know what opportunities are available and where, allowing the public to connect to them. The research on well -respected and innovative worldwide opportunities we were able to do allows organizations easy access to identify gaps and opportunities for new program ideas that can be emulated and scaled up in our community.

The transformation we hope to see has been begun through this project and our desire is to see it continue to blossom and grow with new and innovative programs. By knowing what is available for intergenerational connections and opportunities we can assist the public to connect to these. These programs have been shown to increase: a sense of belonging; mitigate loneliness; increase a sense of neighborliness; allow wisdom to be passed through the generations; decrease ageism; improve wellness; increase learning; improve emergency outcomes due to increased sense of what others need; as well as encourage volunteerism and civic engagement.

One of the programs held in West Vancouver at the North Shore Volunteers for Seniors is a program the connects LGBTQ2S+ teens and young adults with LGBTQ2S+ seniors. This is an amazing way for seniors and young people with stories to share and connect on an important aspect of their life journey. The differences in the generations and the time periods they have grown up in would provide for deep and interesting conversations and connections. 

"This project has been inspiring and exciting to see the level of interest in our community and beyond."

"We just are so grateful and appreciative of your work and the generosity of your donors."