Reflecting on Home Exhibit

Ferry Building Gallery

Grant Program: Community Grants

Funder: Fred/k E Russell Fund and the Howard Martin Memorial Fund



The Reflecting on Home exhibition was exhibited at the Ferry Building Gallery from September 20 – October 15, 2023 and featured the work of Yul Baker, Brandon Gabriel, Bradley Hunt, Klatle-bhi, Splash (Aaron Nelson Moody), Ts:simtelot (Ocean Hyland), Xwa Lack Tun. The exhibition opened with a traditional welcome and song and was featured in the North Shore News as part of their focus on Truth and Reconciliation.

Programming included two Squamish Wool Weaving workshops with Spelexilh (Anjeanette Dawson), Learning to Make a Cedar Bark workshop with Tsawaysia Spukwus (Alice Guss), a talk with Klatle-bhi during Harmony Arts Festival, Cedar Bark weaving with Todd DeVries, and Working with Heart, Storytelling and Art with Splash.

Xwa Lack Tun in the gallery

This project brought about social connectedness, a sense of belonging, and community connection. The various workshops and the exhibition at the Ferry Building Gallery were successful in creating a space for the celebration of local Indigenous Nations’ culture and shared experience. The community benefited by gaining an appreciation and a deeper understanding of First Nations art, culture, and history. The learning of Indigenous traditions, artistic practices, and stories was central to the workshops, talks, and exhibition and enhanced by hands-on activities. The report also identifies areas that have room for improvement that this project targeted directly: expanded intercultural and cross-generational arts programming. Participation from different age groups and new immigrants to West Vancouver encouraged learning facilitated by this exchange of experiences. Most importantly by actively engaging with our local Indigenous Nations in a respectful and open way, we are all working together as a community towards reconciliation. 

In his interactive hands-on workshop, Learning Indigenous Culture: Working with Heart, Storytelling and Art, renowned Squamish Nation artist and educator Splash (Aaron Nelson Moody) led a story of living with heart. Each participant was given a colouring page of the 5 petals of Venus and its eight-year cycle and encouraged to colour while listening and sharing. Splash presented the workshop with South African artist and educator, Suzi Webster. Participants listened and coloured, and were encouraged to share their own stories of reconciliation or bias. The meaningful, and honest stories that we shared brought out anger, regret and tears. And the very simple act of colouring, or being creative made it all somehow bearable. The workshop was successful in harnessing the transformational power of art and story to encourage healing and connection and was attended by young and old.

The project acknowledged that the Ferry Building Gallery, although a historical building, is on the traditional territory of the Squamish Nation, and encouraged us all to "Reflect on Home".