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Micro Grants

Micro Grants


West Vancouver Foundation supports charitable organizations working to create and sustain a healthy and vibrant West Vancouver, where everyone is valued, contributes and feels they belong.

Micro Grants provide responsive support for smaller charitable initiatives that create connection and belonging for the community of West Vancouver but fall outside of the Community Grants funding amount and timeline. The grant is to be used for time limited projects or events that will benefit the community at large.


Up to $500 (there is potential to grant up to $1,000 for greater need/reach).


Ongoing intake until funds are depleted. 


An organization is eligible to apply if it serves the West Vancouver community and is a registered charity or qualified donee with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).


Micro Grants aim to support connection and belonging for the West Vancouver community and will support a wide range of organizational needs. Typically Micro Grants are provided to organizations that may be facing a small, unexpected expense required to complete a project. 

Eligible initiatives:

  • Must be charitable in nature;
  • Fall within the Impact Areas as listed above;
  • Must be for the benefit of the community of West Vancouver;
  • Improve connection and belonging for the West Vancouver Community.

The following initiatives are ineligible:

  • Deficit reduction (e.g. debts or loans);
  • Building an endowment or general fundraising (including fundraising events);  
  • Primarily benefiting individuals (such as scholarships);
  • Expenses incurred before the date of grant approval;
  • National or provincial initiatives without specific benefit to West Vancouver;
  • Religious activities or services that focus on only one spiritual tradition;
  • Political activity that is prohibited by the Canada Revenue Agency.


1. Read the Grant Guidelines and assess your program/project eligibility
2. Submit your application as a PDF or .doc to 

Staff may contact you to discuss your application. You will receive an email notifying you if your grant request was approved or denied within 6 weeks of our acknowledgment of receiving your application.

WVF Micro Grants Guidelines 2020

WVF Micro Grants Application 2020


If you have questions about Micro Grants, please contact Denise Howell