Connecting with our Ocean & Building Community


Funds: Irene Carpenter Fund and Howard Martin Memorial Fund

Grant Program: Community Grants 

We are energizing a growing community of Ocean Ambassadors by engaging people with the seas that surround us. During our school programs, summer camps and leadership programs, we start these ambassadors on their journey by forging a relationship with the ocean that includes wet feet, personal experience, and enthusiastic ecology—understanding the problem of ocean pollution and inspiring them to take action.

We had 640 people participate in our on-the-beach intertidal explorations. It was great to have 2 staff members (marine biologist and one other OAC staff member) each day to accommodate 2 groups at one time. 

We had one family join our program that had just arrived from Beijing. The family included two young children, aged 5 and 8. The children had been to the beach just one other time. The parents and children were fascinated with the creatures they found and the children were keen to hold things and to learn all about them.

Seeing people build connection around our beautiful beaches felt incredible!