Welcome to the Neighbourhood

It can be lonely, stressful and intimidating moving into a new neighbourhood project leader Kim wanted to have newcomers feel welcome, safe and fit in as fast as possible. Kim ran a Neighbourhood Small Grant project that included bringing newcomers a gift box of comfort and joyful food. This included information on their very unique and beautiful community, items such as baked goods, a plant, information where to shop, eat, block watch, neighbourhood app to connect with others, library, community centre, transit, wildlife and recycling. 


In 2022, 25 new neighbours were welcomed into the community. The project is running again in 2023. 

"Welcome to the neighbourhood! Thanks in part to a small grant from the West Vancouver Foundation, I have put together baskets for newcomers to the neighbourhood who have settled in recent months. Baskets include a variety of West Vancouver information, municipal, block watch and gift certificates to local businesses. "