Transforming the lives of LGBTQ2S+ Youth

Funded by: Howard Martin Fund and an anonymous donor

Grant Program: Transformation Grant 2022


The key objectives include:

1. Reduce risk and improve mental health of LGBTQ2S+ youth

2. Reduce youth suicides

3. Increase parental capacities and skills to support their LGBTQ2S+ youth

4. Creation of safe and supportive spaces for LGBTQ2S+ youth and parents to build connections and community

5. Expand strategies and outreach to address and reduce stigma for LGBTQ2S+ youth and their families

6. Engaging the broader network in community to make systemic change (reduced homophobia, transphobia).

Over 670 youth and community members were reached through our various events and support groups as well as community engagement and outreach strategies. This included outreach at weekly support groups (for youth as well as parents/caregivers), Rec Night, various events and a Medical Professional Panel.

(This event) made me feel a sense of relief. My kid's going to be ok and that a lot of trans people have faced many of the same challenges.

Seeing these successful, happy young adults who have successfully transitioned and knowing how many other families/parents joined the session today was heartwarming and inspiring.

Thank you so much for your support of this project. With your support the North Shore is a safer and more inclusive place for LGBTQ2S+youth and their families. West Vancouver has been a leader in providing positive, inclusive community spaces for LGBTQ2S+ youth and your funding has helped support this important systemic change.