Salsa-cise by the Sea

Project leader Takako has been teaching basic Salsa dance steps at a local rehab gym and at a dance studio and wanted to bring the joy of dancing to the entire West Vancouver community.

Salsa-cise by the Sea has been running this summer, offering free Salsa sessions to those that want to stop by.  The joy of moving to the music is more emphasized than the skill building.

"The outdoor sessions definitely added an extra sense of geography, community, and freedom, which all of us are craving now."

“The first two days was a successful beginning, with lots of smiles and lots of fun. Many people enjoyed the view as much as the exercise.

Week 2 saw another successful day! Got the beginners to learn to dance Salsa.

Not as many people on Week  3. It was maybe due to Harmony Arts Festival which was attracting most people. I started inviting people passing by, and some actually showed interest and started following my moves. These two ladies are from Mexico. They saw my poster at West Vancouver Community centre. As you can see, smile tells it all!”

Thank you Takako for your wonderful idea and dedication to getting the community outdoors and active!