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Youth Philanthropy Council

Youth Philanthropy Council


The Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC) is a passionate group of West Vancouver students dedicated to developing leadership and next-gen philanthropy through youth-led grant-making and volunteerism.


In 2018, YPC in embracing the philosophy of inclusion, sense of belonging and celebration of diversity by initiating 2 major youth events, which potentially touch every youth of West Vancouver and beyond.

TEDx Youth West Vancouver: The Butterfly Effect

YPC is initiating, creating, and planning the first ever TEDx Youth West Vancouver for September 22, 2018 at the Kay Meek Centre. We will showcase  “ideas worth spreading” from inspirational youth speakers presenting on the theme of “what is possible?” in areas of philanthropy, innovation and collaboration. Learn more about how to become involved or how to become a financial partner: The Butterfly Effect



YPC launched the first ever “Do1Give” event on April 19. They involved most youth of West Vancouver within West Van schools. For one day, they inspired every youth to do something special for someone else and inspired more than 4,000 acts of giving - successfully starting a wave of giving – and happiness!


The YPC invites applications, meets with potential grantees, reviews and provides grants from a Youth Endowment Fund for transformative projects that:

  1. Engage young people and contribute to a vibrant and resilient community
  2. Celebrate diversity and create opportunities for inclusion
  3. Address the immediate needs of youth along with the potential for long-term impact and sustainability

The grant application deadline for 2019 will be announced soon.

How You Can Help

The Youth Philanthropy Council is an initiative of the West Vancouver Foundation. Our goal is to support community leadership and philanthropy for young people. If you're interested in joining us, email


Donate to the Youth Endowment Fund 


2017-2018 YPC Members

  • Quillan O'Neill: Grade 12, Rockridge, (Co-Chair)
  • Taydon Sinopoli: Grade 12, Rockridge, (Co-Chair)
  • Alison Shang: Grade 10, Sentinel
  • Andre Zou: Grade 10, Rockridge
  • Anna Edmonds: Grade 11, Mulgrave
  • Ben Taylor: Grade 12, Rockridge
  • Craig Cantlie: Principal, Caulfield Elementary, (Board Liaison)
  • Gia Da Roza: Grade 10, West Vancouver Secondary
  • Isha Ohri: Grade 11, West Vancouver Secondary
  • Lillian Huang: Grade 11, Mulgrave
  • Naomi Chard: Volunteer Coordinator
  • Pegah Abyaneh: Grade 11, Mulgrave
  • Yas Zareyan: Grade 11, West Vancouver Secondary