Neighbourhood Small Grant Ideas


Some concepts that may help inspire you when developing your project idea.  Can your project:

  • Share Skill: Teach others how to craft, build, cook, get fit, learn or speak a new language. 
  • Share Meaning: Invite people to celebrate, heal or learn together.
  • Share Resources: Make someone’s day by delivering care packages or special messages.
  • Be Creative: Below are some ideas to get you started. Make them yours, or do something else altogether. Your creativity is what makes NSG what it is!

Here are some ideas we’ve heard of, to help you develop your project:

Fitness, ukulele, art, games, flower arranging, story time, language learning or cooking classes – you might even drop off a kit for your participants prior to the online sessions!

Create care packages for vulnerable residents or neighbours. Cards, messages, plants, activity kits, or other contents with special meaning can really make someone’s day!

Garden tours, neighbourhood beautification projects, beach cleanups, butterfly gardens or community gardens are some ideas. 

A neighbourhood lending library box or seed sharing box are happening this year in West Vancouver.  Some other ideas are a Tool Sharing Library (can include garden tools). 

Professionals offering webinars/video series with topics such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), learning at home, finances, music concerts, theatre productions, and fine art talks – ideally interactive with the audience.

Share your story, start a book club focusing on books that have meaning to you (LGQBT, Indigenous, local), have seniors or Elders tell their story to young people, share cultural recipes or traditions. 

Block Parties are a great way to get neighbours together.  Please ensure the principles are followed such as everyone is invited.  It is also best if you can incorporate other program principles in your gathering such as share meaning or skill (celebrate everyone’s heritage, teach about Indigenous gardening, clean up a local green space together, build a neighbourhood library box).