Movie Night

In late August, two neighbours got together and held a Family Neighbourhood Movie Night.  Prior to the event, neighbours were invited with door-to-door invitations and emails.  As the event got closer the details came together including picking the movie (family friendly with an inspirational message, Coco), securing a porto-potty (generously donated by another neighbour, in case of large numbers), the setup determined and food & decorations purchased.

The neighbourhood has seen some changes including old homes coming down and new ones going up, new neighbours moving in and long time residents moving away. The perfect time to hold a neighbourhood get together.

The weather looked questionable but by late afternoon it cleared up and was looking like a perfect movie night.  Guests started to arrive around 7pm with chairs and blankets in hand. The front yard venue looked amazing!  So many little thoughtful details that everyone couldn’t help but smile and know they were in for a good night. 

As neighbours arrived and started mingling, the children quickly made new friendships as they played and enjoyed the many snacks.  It was easy to see why the Neighbourhood Small Grants program is such an effective way in helping to create connections and feelings of belonging.  Long-time residents spoke of how they used to hold neighbourhood events like this 25 years ago – and expressed interest in doing more gatherings.  New residents introduced their kids for the first time.  Everyone was friendly, welcoming and having a fun time.

West Vancouver Foundation Movie Night 8
West Vancouver Foundation Movie Night 3

As the sun went down, the hosts spoke to the crowd, thanking everyone for coming and expressing gratitude for the West Vancouver Foundation, Vancouver Foundation and the Neighbourhood Small Grant. 

Now it was time to grab some snacks, a blanket and a comfortable spot.  It was show time and one that would be fondly remembered by all.