Looking Housing Kayachten


Funds: Nancy Farran Compelling Opportunities Fun

Grant Program: Donor Advised

We are very honored to have been involved in this heartwarming, meaningful and impactful project – Kayachten – Welcome Pole Restoration project at Lookout Housing Society.

When Owen at Lookout contacted us, we knew it would be just the type of project one of our Fund Representatives would be interested in. The “Nancy Farran Compelling Opportunities Fund” was started to fund compelling projects in the community, and funded this project.

Lookout Housing offers a range of services including emergency shelter, outreach, and community resources to marginalized individuals. This project saw Kayachten, the Welcome Pole, brought back to its original glory, proudly uniting the Squamish Nation and the North Shore community, and was dedicated to helping the North Shore homeless population.

There were many wonderful people that made this project possible including Squamish Nation artist Darren Yelton, alumni of the Capilano University Indigenous Media program, and Nancy Farran. Thank you to everyone that worked on the project, you have made a difference to the community and the clients.

Play Video about Kayachten The Welcoming Pole Cover