Neighbourhood Garden Project

Neighbours got together to work on a sad piece of green space right in the middle of our neighbourhood. When the pandemic struck, this is where their neighbourhood gathered night after night at 7PM to ring the church bell and to check in on each other. For most, they hadn’t had this much contact with neighbours before and it began to become an important part of their day.

This project has been developed, to plant the green space with ornamental trees and shrubs – to bring more joy and beauty to the heart of our little neighbourhood. The District was happy to hear about the neighbour plans and were keen to support.

Over time, wild flowers and other ornamental, bee attracting flowers will be added. Neighbours sign up for watering and weeding duties, others stop by to offer support.

“Already, just by reaching out to the residents of these blocks, I have an in box filled with enthusiastic responses and offers to help steward and care for this garden project. Once the pandemic is behind us, we can imagine, once again, gathering in this place to celebrate Canada Day and other special days/holidays as neighbours and friends.” Project Leader

Neighbourhood Garden project