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Neighbour Grants Story: Meeting the Neighbours on the Parking Lot

Neighbour Grants Story: Meeting the Neighbours on the Parking Lot


The first ever Parking Lot Party at the West Vancouver Presbyterian Church emerged from two impetuses: one, a desire to invite the neighbours by, and two, to celebrate a year of our children’s choir initiative. Because we were throwing a neighbourhood party, two of our planning team members, Jean Lawrence and Joanne Wallis, were able to obtain a $500 grant from the West Vancouver Foundation, an organization that promotes neighbourhood relationships, especially cross-cultural events. The grant was welcome to help pay for our major expense: the renting of a Bouncy Castle, which, with supervision and insurance, cost $448. This feature was well worth it, bringing in children from neighbouring schools and entertaining our own little songsters.

In reference to cross-cultures, we had our new minister, Rev. Heinrich Botha, flipping South African pannekoek all day long. Besides the free pancakes, we offered free hot dogs (courtesy of a member, Doug Rosencrans, who is the CEO of the 7-Eleven Canada). We know that we had at least 96 attending, as that was the number of hot dogs ordered, and eaten!

Another member, Randy Cunningham, got together a brass band for the occasion. Dancers learned Latin American numbers from Heather Dunn.  Beverages were served inside so guests could get some relief from the blazing sun of June 16th.  Face painting and Pilates lessons were also offered in the lower hall.

This was intended to be a fun-raising, not a fund-raising event, and we look forward to planning the second annual Parking Lot Party next year. The neighbours will be expecting it!

Written By Cathy Sosnowsky, West Vancouver Presbyterian Church, B.C.