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Neighbour Grants Story: I Can, You Can, We Can

Neighbour Grants Story: I Can, You Can, We Can


Mollie Jepsen, the 2018 Winter Paralympics Gold Medalist, is an Alpine skier who lives on the North Shore. She was invited to Ottawa to make a speech at an event hosted by the Governor General of Canada. She was invited to different events, but never on the North Shore. We understood her stories of passion, injuries, adversity, and triumphs as something valuable to share where she lives.

Action 1: We asked Mollie and her mother, Abbie if she would like to share her stories at the event of “I Can, You Can, We Can”. Luckily they said, “yes”.

Action 2 : We applied for a Neighbour Grant with the title of “I Can, You Can, We Can” by Mollie Jepsen. And the West Vancouver Foundation said, “yes”.

Carolyn Broady, the chair of the WV School Board, contributed her time to make an encouraging speech. And West Vancouver Memorial Library provided us with their Welsh Hall

It has been a combination of asking, saying “yes”, and collaboration.

Families listened to her stories and asked questions. Most of all, having some pictures taken with Mollie and touching and holding the gold medal were the highlights. Mollie’s mother, Abbie, shared her stories from a different perspective. An elderly pioneer skier shared his memories and stories with Mollie.

Heavenly chocolate and pastry from Temper pastry was some icing on the cake.

Some families suggested that a series of motivational events should follow. We hope that there will be additional events inviting Mollie to share her stories of passion & motivation!

Thank you WV Foundation.