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For Individuals and Families

For Individuals and Families


The power of philanthropy

Give back to your community now or leave a legacy gift for the future. We can help you do both.

Through the West Vancouver Foundation, you have a range of giving options to help you give confidently and efficiently. Set up a donor-advised fund to actively participate in grant-making focusing on issues that interest you, or make a gift to the Smart and Caring Community Fund to support the community broadly.

The West Vancouver Foundation recognizes that each financial gift is a unique expression of what you care about deeply. For some people it is an opportunity to share a good life with others: to give where they live and thank a community that has nurtured their success. For others, it is an opportunity to support the areas they care about most such as health and well-being, education, the arts, or the environment.

Our role is to help you make the most impactful charity donation based on your wishes. We work with you and our partners in the community to ensure that your gifts are made in the most relevant and impactful way.

We are sensitive to critical issues of today and focused on creating a better future-we help provide vital research on life in West Vancouver and across Vancouver's North Shore, as well as lead conversations about ways to support and sustain local charities today and for the long term.

Getting Started

Together, gifts of any size, large or small, all have impact.

Here are a few things to think about as you get started:

  • Do you wish to make a gift today, or do you wish to make a legacy gift through your estate?
  • If you are giving today, are you interested in supporting the foundation's Community Grants Program with a gift to the Smart and Caring Community Fund?
  • Would you like to support an existing fund or set up your own fund?
  • Are you interested in a specific field of interest or a particular charity?
  • Would you like to be involved in grant-making decisions or would you prefer to engage the expertise of the foundations' Grants Committee?

As a donor, you will have access to many charitable giving resources-including the foundation's knowledgeable team-for timely, personal advice and assistance about charitable giving.

Making Your Gift

Ways to Give

Making a Donation


The West Vancouver Foundation makes it easier for interested donors to support specific charities, fields of interest, or the general welfare of our community for the long term. A memorial tribute made to the foundation not only honours the loved one, but also can support their causes annually.

Donations to the West Vancouver Foundation are held in a permanent capital fund, the earnings on which support projects in West Vancouver in perpetuity. All donors are recognized in the reports and records of the foundation unless they request anonymity.

The foundation manages its funds carefully, employing a conservative investment strategy. Click here for our investment policy.

Contact us to learn more about giving as an individual or family or Donate Now


For Individuals and Families

West Vancouver Foundation’s Smart and Caring Community Fund

West Vancouver Foundation’s Smart and Caring Community Fund


Help our community thrive and grow, today and tomorrow.

This fund supports a wide range of important charitable causes and ensures your gift is directed to the areas of greatest need based on our VitalSigns research and ongoing assessments.