40 Years of Giving Local, Living Local


In 1978, Mayor Derrick Humphreys appointed a special committee to explore the possibility of creating a charitable foundation that would inspire and steward local philanthropy for local benefit. A year later, in September 1979, the first meeting of the Board of Directors was convened with Mayor Derrick Humphreys, Mr. Frank Griffiths, Jr. (for his father), Mr. Charlie Hopkins, Mr. Bill Hyndman, Mr. David Mathieson, Mrs. Kay Meek, Mrs. Mary Pattison, Mr. Gordon Rowntree, and Mrs. Shirley Sager. Their legacy is profound. In partnership with donors, more than $4 million has been granted to community projects and organizations.

The West Vancouver Foundation is now one of 191 Canadian community foundations and part of a world-wide movement of local philanthropy. These foundations provide a stable source of funding through permanent endowment funds that permit members of the community to assess changing needs and allocate financial support where the need is greatest.

Gifts, big and small: The founding families
From 1979–1989, the West Vancouver Foundation was seeded by the founding donors: Mr. Moh Faris, Mr. Frank Griffiths, the Lawson Family, Mrs. Kay Meek, Mr. Jim Pattison, Mr. J. W. Poole, Mr. David Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. C. Sorenson, the WV Visual Arts Society, the estates of Mrs. Winnifred Gibson and Mr. Roy Wrigley and our founding corporate partner British Pacific Properties.

Legacy gift creates a turning point 
In 2014 the Foundation received its largest gift to date through the estate of Mr. Howard Martin, a West Vancouver resident, developer and philanthropist.  The Howard Martin Memorial Fund was established with a $3.6 million gift and the income earned from this fund is directed towards local projects and programs which address our community’s greatest needs.

The ripple effect

In 2019, West Vancouverites Ian and Rosemary Mottershead established and  seeded the Ian and Rosemary Mottershead Endowment Fund with a $1 million gift. Familiar with community foundations, the Mottersheads chose to transition their family foundation to a higher impact, lower administration,  donor advised fund with the West Vancouver Foundation.

We are honoured that the Mottershead family has chosen to partner with the Foundation with a gift that will have lasting impact on the community  and residents of the North Shore. Ian and Rosemary’s love of community has inspired their philanthropy and we are proud to help them continue to build this legacy.

It is thanks to the original vision of Mayor Humphreys, the ripple effect  created by the generosity of the founding families and residents like  Howard Martin and Ian & Rosemary Mottershead, that the West Vancouver Foundation now manages assets of more than $17 million, making it the  largest in the Sea to Sky region. 

Adine Mees, CEO

DWV News Aug 19 1979



Mr. Frank Griffiths 

Mrs. Kay (Norgan) Meek

Mr. Jim Pattison

Mr. J.W. Poole

Sorenson Family

David Spencer

WV Visual Arts Society



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