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West Vancouver Foundation supports charitable organizations working to create and sustain a healthy and vibrant West Vancouver, where everyone is valued, contributes and feels they belong.

Our Leadership program supports capacity building and impact leadership for individuals and organizations doing charitable work. Throughout the year we will support a wide range of learning opportunities for different groups.

With COVID-19 having such a large impact on all charities, we have created a free, online Leadership Labs series.  Visit that page for more details. 

Some of the topics already covered this year were Partnerships & Synergies, Re-Opening for Non-Profits 101, and Innovations in Local Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic. In 2021 we are planning a 'Thriving Non-Profits' program that will focus on helping organizations shift to a culture of abundance and long-term outcomes.  


The Leadership Program aims to support staff and Board Members working for charities that serve the West Vancouver community. 

If you are interested in attending a workshop or have an idea for a workshop, please email